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What Kind Of Information Can I put On My Web Site?

That's the nice thing about having your own web page. You can put anything you want to on your page. Just a few examples  might be * Your Company's Business Information * Online Catalogs * Online Ordering * Surveys and Questionnaires * Email Contact * Ect.

Does WWW Designs handle domain registration?

Yes. We will contact the Inter-NIC once we receive your completed  order to request a new domain name registration. You do NOT  need to submit a registration.

How long does it take before my domain name is active?

Once the Inter-NIC announces that your domain name has been registered (or transferred, if applicable), it usually takes  about 72-hours before it is active. All internet providers must update their records (DNS tables) to reflect new site locations.

What is the Inter-NIC fee for domain registration ?

Inter-NIC charges $70 to register a new domain name. This fee covers the first two years. After that, it costs $35 per year. Inter-NIC will send you an invoice via email within 1 month after the domain is registered.

How will my web site get listed in the major search engines?

Search Engine Submission is just one of the services included when you use WWW Designs to make your web page.


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